What is the best exercise to lose weight? Combine strength and cardio

Cardio activity makes you burn calories and strength training speeds up your metabolism. That’s why this combination, cardio + strength, is the best for losing weight. With a fitness expert we explain

Exercises against blood pressure

A new consensus document from the European Society of Cardiology (SEC) offers the first personalized advice on the most effective exercise for lowering blood pressure, recommending specific activities based on an individual’s

The Importance of Eliminating The Candida Fungus in Weight Loss

Eliminating the candida fungus from the body to lose weight is not an easy task. However, it is absolutely necessary. Obesity and metabolism physician Frank Suarez says that people who eliminate the

High-Intensity Interval Training: Why It Just May Be a ‘Miracle’ Workout

Fitness marketers often use extreme language (“Breakthrough!” “Miraculous!”) to describe the latest hot workout or gear. But scientists and doctors are now using superlatives to discuss what many consider to be one